Lacework Inspiration... September 05 2015

Delicate, Beautiful and Feminine... Three very good reasons to use Lace as design inspiration for jewellery...
Inspired by a collection of Antique lace discovered in an attic (of all places!?), this new collection of Sterling Silver jewellery adds instant Romance to any outfit.
Sterling Silver Lace and Pearl Earrings: £90
Sterling Silver Lace Cuff: £395
Sterling Silver Large Lace Pendant: £135
Of course, Lace has been very popular for Wedding dresses. Bridal lace has for many centuries been used in Wedding Dresses for its feminine and embellishing charms. 
When Danny was asked to copy the lace detail of a brides dress and hand engrave it on both wedding rings who would have thought it would look so stunning! And the best part of all is that this detail is a permanent memento of their wonderful wedding day that will be enjoyed everyday.
Bespoke hand engraved  Wedding rings in 18ct Gold with Fine Rubies