CAD at Carolyn Codd's

Carolyn Codd's pride ourselves on originality, fine quality, true value for money and the best experience possible. 

Our traditional methods of producing to scale water colour paintings to present finer details of a proposed design have served us well but we feel the time is right to embrace the latest CAD software in our design process.


What is CAD?

CAD is an acronym for computer-aided design; incredibly useful for jewellery design as it enables us to create 3D models onscreen. These models can be examined from any angle and are very easily altered.

How it is used generally in the Jewellery industry?

CAD systems are widely used in the jewellery industry for designing models for mass production. Once the models are completed, the CAD file is usually sent to a CAM (computed aided manufacturing) machine for production.


However the way our jewellery is made and constructed will remain unchanged, even with our CAD system. The pure purpose of utilising CAD is to offer the opportunity to view a design from every possible angle and with the fantastic technology we now have this is now readily available.  We will still hand fabricate our designs and use the traditional hand forging that we are specialists in.



We will not use the CAD system to 3D print a model and then cast it.  For more information about the casting process vs handmade please see our previous blog post: "Cast vs Handmade: How we make our jewellery pieces"