Caring for your jewellery


Precious Jewellery
We offer a free check and clean service on all pieces purchased at Carolyn Codd jewellery, so please pop in when you are in town and we'll bring them up as good as new. We have laser welders that can fill any marks or scratches that do appear on the metal and microscopes so we can check your piece thoroughly. Rings in particular do need a bit of an "M.O.T" to check claws and settings. This is recommended at least annually to make sure that your stones remain safe and is useful as it keeps your insurers happy.
At home an old toothbrush, soapy water and giving your piece a gentle clean is the best way to keep your precious items looking lovely, while not causing any damage. We understand there are very fancy dips and cleaners out there to purchase but we feel the simpler ways are the best.
Silver Jewellery 
Silver does naturally oxidise therefore does need a little love.  Carefully clean your Silver jewellery  with an anti-tarnish jewellery polishing cloth (rouge cloth) and this will keep your silver pieces looking their best. We do offer these for sale in store at £3. We recommend that after every time you wear a piece, polish it with a silver cloth  then pop into a sealed bag. This will keep your jewellery clean and reduce the chance of oxidation whilst you are not wearing it, and it will be in good condition for wearing on the next occasion.
If your jewellery does become tarnished and you are struggling to bring it up with a cloth, we recommend you pop into us and we will clean your jewellery free of charge.
Avoid contact with deodorant, perfume, creams etc. as they can tarnish your jewellery.
  • It is not recommended to wear your jewellery when swimming or bathing.
  • It is not recommended to wear jewellery in bed as chains (especially neck wires and snake chains) can become kinked easily.
  • We do not recommend Silver dips to be used at home.