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The quality of our jewellery is something that we are immensely proud of and the way that our jewellery is made and constructed is of paramount importance.

We are a Nottingham Jewellers that specialise in traditional hand fabrication which means forging a piece by hand, without the use of wax models, casting or prefabricated pieces of any kind.

We can offer casting solutions to suit a budget but we always prefer to hand make as it ensures a superior quality product. Ask us for further advice.

15 Trinity Square, Nottingham, NG1 4AF

Tel: 0115 985 9856

Award winning family business

Based in Nottingham City Centre, our on site workshop offers a complete bespoke service. For 30 years we have been truly hand crafting precious jewellery. We do not cast our pieces, instead we use wrought alloys ensuring optimum strength and true craftsmanship.

Lab grown diamonds nottingham
lab grown diamonds nottingham
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