Bespoke Engagement Rings

Our Bespoke Engagement Rings are hand fabricated in our on-site Nottingham workshop.

Truly hand made to last a lifetime

We specialise in traditional hand fabrication which means forging a piece by hand, without the use of wax models, casting or prefabricated pieces of any kind. 



We only use the highest quality precious metals ensuring that our pieces not only withstand day to day life, but generations to come.


We have a large collection of original and unique precious jewellery in-store, but approximately 90% of our pieces are individually designed for the person commissioning them.

See below a request for an "Antler inspired" engagement ring.

At Carolyn Codd's you'll find a wealth of enthusiasm, expert knowledge and a really special experience.

Our bespoke service comes at no extra charge.


As part of our bespoke service we are offering a complimentary photo book that documents your piece's journey through the workshop. 

Each photo book will be totally unique just like the piece of jewellery featured in it. A really special memento of your piece. 


While we offer a truly personalised service and exceptional fine quality we don't charge the earth... Our prices are very competitive and our design service is completely complimentary. If you have a specific budget in mind, do talk to us and see what we can offer.  


Included with any piece made by Carolyn Codd Jewellery:

  • a lifetime guarantee and complimentary after-care promise where we re-finish and inspect your piece free, forever.

  • a written insurance valuation which will be required by your insurers 

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