Choosing the Right Diamond

At Carolyn Codd we have qualified Diamond graders who teach our clients what to look out for when choosing diamonds, with no obligation.

We have a large selection of loose stones in-store which clients are welcome to examine. 

Diamonds are graded on Colour, Clarity and Cut. Carat refers to the unit weight only and is not to be used as an indication towards the quality of a diamond.

 COLOUR - This refers to how Colourless the diamond is.

CLARITY - This refers to any imperfections the diamond has.

CUT - This refers to the proportions of the diamond. This is a crucial factor in how light works within the diamond


We recommend that when you are choosing a diamond you should always:

  • look at it under a 10x magnification, to recognise any flaws

  • look at it under a perfectly correctly daylight lamp, to detect any yellowing or tinting.

  • look at more than one diamond. Most diamonds will look brilliant on their own but you will often get a better idea of their quality when compared against others.


The minimum grade of Diamond we offer is a G (colour) VS (clarity). We only buy from reputable Diamond merchants and therefore the diamonds we offer are conflict-free.




We also offer certified diamonds, which have been graded by an independent body and carry full certification. Again we cannot stress enough the importance of viewing more than one diamond at a time. Even with just a small amount of tuition you will be able to see the difference in diamonds and be able to choose a diamond confidently and independently.