Re-modelling, Restorations and Repairs

At Carolyn Codd Jewellery we understand that some pieces that our customers own can come from relatives through inheritance or as gifts... Although the sentiment is beautiful, the pieces may not be to the individuals taste, therefore here at Carolyn Codd we offer a re-modelling service. We can reuse elements of the piece (stones, metals, etc) and design something that you will love wearing while keeping the sentimentality of the piece. Below is an example of a hugely sentimental piece that was remodelled into a new Platinum Engagement Ring. Our customer had inherited this Emerald ring from her mother and she really wanted to wear it however the design was in yellow gold which the customer wasn't keen on and the design of the piece wasn't suitable for every day wear. By lowering the Emerald and making a new Platinum ring with a handmade collet setting gave the Emerald more protection so the ring could be enjoyed everyday. 

Restorations and repairs
Restorations and repairs are expertly conducted in-store which guarantees a very competitive price. We also have the latest laser technology which ensures that even the most difficult repairs and intricate restorations are possible and minimise the chance of any damage.
We are able to Rhodium plate items in-store. Please call us on 0115 985 9856 to arrange a time to plate your piece. 
As experienced designers and makers of fine bespoke jewellery, we are able to offer a valuation service on pieces that we have made. If you have other items of jewellery that you would like valued from different era's, we recommend that you contact someone who is registered with the National Association of Jewellers and adheres to the stipulations outlined by that association.