A few words from our customers...

"My partner first purchased a ring from Carolyn Codd as a special gift for my 30th Birthday. Their originality was so appealing and service was second to none. Over the last nine years I have returned to Carolyn and Danny and asked them to make some very special pieces for me.

Danny and Carolyn have designed and made numerous pieces of gorgeous jewellery for me celebrating special occasions, however one piece is extra special to me... Danny designed a pendant for me to wear as my "something borrowed" on my wedding day and it was so beautiful, that the first thing I did with my new husband on returning from our honeymoon was take him to the shop to buy it! (see below).

The team at Carolyn Codd are dedicated to creating that extra special piece of jewellery for each individual and have all the experience and knowledge needed to make sure you are completely happy. I have not found another jeweller who can match the overall experience of visiting Carolyn Codd.

I remember all the products I've purchased from Carolyn and still wear them all on a regular basis. Each piece of jewellery is too beautiful not to show off! Every piece continues to provide me joy and happiness every time I take it out of the box."

Che Hoban, Crewe


"I first discovered the Carolyn Codd store when I began working in Nottingham in 1994. I encountered a wonderful, small and friendly boutique that sold amazing Platinum rings and handmade jewellery. I adored Platinum and could only find good pieces from a small supplier in London which had closed. I looked in the window of the Carolyn Codd shop and immediately fell in love with a Gypsy set ring, which I still wear today.

Over the years Carolyn has designed many bespoke pieces which are unique and just for me. The concepts have come from vague ideas that my husband and I have and the outcomes are just stunning. Danny has spent many, many months handmaking me jewellery and has never passed designs or techniques onto other customers. So I know I have some exceptional one-off items. None more precious than my favourite ring which took six months to create. After viewing a lovely tension set ring in the shop, my husband (who is an engineer) suggested that a ring could be made which a stone traversed tension set. He said this was an engineering fact. Danny understood this but couldn't see how it could practically be done. He spent six months working it out, and with dedication and determination, he solved the problem and created a stunning and individual ring (see below).

It's totally different to anything else I've seen. I cherish every piece of Carolyn Codd jewellery I own; each one is very special to me.

I've always said that if I was ever mugged in the street they could take anything apart from the tension ring!"

Rose Lawerence, Nottingham


"I had a bad experience with a jeweller in London who had started to made my engagement ring. The ring was made the wrong size and was then broken when resized. I was in Pronupture in Nottingham looking at dresses and the sales staff recommended that  I took a look at the Carolyn Codd shop. So I went along...

I found that Danny really listened to what I wanted to achieve and gave a very personal service. He made me a new engagement ring and we asked him to make our wedding rings too. We then purchased wedding 'thank you' gifts for our parents which were extra special as they came from the same place as our wedding rings. Since then they have made many items, including two additional diamond rings along with a bespoke Diamond pendant for me. They are in the process of making a bracelet, bringing together the aspects of the current jewellery I have.

All the Carolyn Codd jewellery I have is stunning and very striking. The fact that it has been made for me makes it truly special. The quality of the stones and the finish of all the pieces is amazing and I am regularly receiving comments on them.

If you want a striking piece of personal bespoke jewellery to be enjoyed for years then Carolyn Codd is the right place to come. You will also have an outstanding shopping experience - they all make me feel very important to them and that my purchases are valued. The jewellery has always been ready by the agreed date and in budget. 

Their excellent customer care is as rare as the beautiful diamonds they set.

Suzanna Martin, Nottingham

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