Loose Diamonds


Here is just a small selection of the loose diamonds available at Carolyn Codd Jewellery. To arrange a viewing of any of the diamonds listed below please call us on 0115 985 9856.


 Shape Carat Colour Clarity Cut Grade Polish Symmetry Fluorescence Certificate No: Price
Round Brilliant 0.40ct D IF Excellent Excellent Excellent None GIA: 6137230358 SOLD
Round Brilliant 0.71ct D VS2 Very Good Excellent Excellent None GIA: 2141752157 £4,560
Round Brilliant 0.51ct D VS2 Excellent Excellent Very Good None GIA: 5196425370 £2,770
Round Brilliant 0.30ct D VS2 Very Good Very Good Very Good None GIA: 216364406


Princess Cut 0.32ct D IF Excellent Very Good  None GIA: 2161281129  SOLD
Princess Cut 0.51ct E VS2 Very Good Good None GIA: 2136759524 £1,760
Princess Cut 0.70ct E VS1 Very Good  Very Good None GIA: 1106807016 £3,615
Pear Shape 0.70ct D VS1 Excellent Excellent Faint GIA: 7196901525 £4,085
Marquise Cut 0.52ct D VS2 Very Good Very Good None GIA: 2176424377 £2,200
Marquise Cut 0.74ct E EV2 Good  Good None GIA:12057990 £3,500
Oval 0.30ct E VS2 Good Good None GIA: 1166935859 £665
Oval 0.70ct F VS1 Very Good  Very Good None GIA:7191748676 £3,750
Emerald Cut 0.51ct D VS1 Very Good Very Good None GIA:1166874946 £2,120
Cushion Cut 0.60ct F VS1 Excellent Very Good None GIA:5203506425  SOLD
Baguette 0.75ct E Si1 Good Good None GIA:6173468734 £3,200


 We can order specific stones to view if what you are looking for is not listed here. Call us on 0115 985 9856 to speak to one of our diamond specialists.