Bluebell Enamel Dress Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver

Stock Number : EPX241-BBELL

This Bluebell pendant in a ‘dress’ size features three bell-shaped flowers on a stem, enamelled by hand in our workshop in Orkney. This design delicately hangs from a sterling silver curb chain.

These beautiful, delicate flowers are at home in ancient woodlands all over Scotland and have long been associated with fairies in folklore. A hardy flower, bluebells have been growing in gardens in Orkney for generations. Sheila took the inspiration for this collection from bunches of bluebells that grow under the trees in her garden.

Available in blue, white and pink enamel colours to reflect nature’s own colours.

Note: Any measurements provided are approximate due to each piece being hand-finished.

Metal: Sterling Silver

Chain Length: 16-18”

Enamel: Bluebells