Dragonfly - Sterling Silver and Enamel Stud Earrings

Stock Number : EE0240-DFLY

These Dragonfly stud earrings in sterling silver feature a delicate dragonfly design. They are hand-enamelled in our workshop in Orkney, and in hues inspired by the colours of a dragonfly’s wings. Each earring measures approximately 15mm by 17mm.

The iridescent wings of a dragonfly are an incredible sight as they reveal their spectrum of bright colours. Dragonfly is a collection that captures the essence of carefree days in the sun.

Note: Any measurements provided are approximate due to each piece being hand-finished.


Made in Orkney by Sheila Fleet

Dimensions - 15mm x 17mm 

Enamel - Dragonfly

Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Complete in a beautiful black presentation box