Creel Single-Sided Dress Necklace in Sterling Silver

Stock Number : NX209

This sterling silver Creel Necklace mimics the pattern of fishermen’s creels. Silver strands on the front of the piece combine and curve to form elegant shapes. The piece hangs from a silver neckwire and measures approximately 51mm in diameter.

Sheila’s Fleets Creel collection, one of her most iconic, features a variety of designs based on fishermen’s creels. The lattice-like design mimics the structure and pattern of the creel. Enamelled sections in some pieces represent the water trapped between woven sections when creels are pulled from the sea. Some of the larger necklaces in this collection contain solid silver or gold Groatie Buckies (northern cowrie shells)—lucky treasures from the sea.

Made by Sheila Fleet Jewellery in Orkney
Wire Include : 40cm / 16" Tonda 420 
Dimensions: 51mm diameter

Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Complete in a beautiful black presentation box.