Pentland Enamel Large Necklace in Sterling Silver

Stock Number : EN51-PENT


This Pentland Necklace in sterling silver features a large continuous wave design, hand-enamelled in the colour ‘Pentland’. The piece elegantly hangs from a silver wire.

Sheila based her Pentland collection on the Pentland Firth, the sea that separates Orkney from Caithness in the north of Scotland. This stretch of water has some of the strongest tides in the world and Sheila’s design captures the drama, movements and motions of the waves.

Note: Any measurements provided are approximate due to each piece being hand-finished.

Please note this piece is made to order.


Made in Orkney by Sheila Fleet

Wire Included: 40cm / 16" Tonda 420

Dimensions - 32mm

Enamel - Pentland

Hallmarked Sterling Silver

Complete in a beautiful black presentation box