Oh happy day!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first blog by Rhianna at Carolyn Codd Jewellery!
As most of my lovely customers know I have recently just got married and I thought it would be a fitting subject for my first post... Firstly thank you for the cards and well wishes... Our day was absolutely perfect; below is a photo from our reception's photo booth (great fun and highly recommended!!!)


Of course many of our clients that come to us are also embarking on married life and recently we've had some lovely couple email us with their "ring shots" and other gorgeous photo's of their special days...

To have these beautiful images sent to us really brings home to us that not only do we make jewellery to the best of our ability and love doing that but we become part of something really special... Our customers lives.


 To think that they wear jewellery that is handcrafted here in our Nottingham workshop for the rest of their married lives is wonderful. My Dad often says this and today I've realised that it is true: We simply have the best jobs in the world.  


Special thanks to Mrs and Mrs Owen and Mr and Mrs Parkin for sharing their beautiful photo's. I look forward to receiving more of these photo's throughout my time at Carolyn Codd Jewellery from future clients. Words cannot describe the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I open emails containing these beautiful pictures!!!



Rhianna Holland