Inspiration - what inspires you? May 08 2017

At Carolyn Codd we are see many many sources of inspiration. One of our favourite commissions was inspired by one of our clients love of Peacock colours and if you happen upon our workshop and boutique store in Nottingham you will have seen the above design on our A-board. This ring was hand carved out of a single piece of Platinum. Each setting was precisely measured for each one of the fine Opals, Sapphires, Diamonds, Amethysts, Emeralds and Topaz's selected for the perfect colour way that the lady was after.

This ring was the start of our "Peacock rings"; our signature 'Sui Generis' design taken another step and each piece created uniquely for each individual client. See above for a ring that was to be an "explosion of colour". All natural fine sapphires were selected and again this ring was hand carved out of a single piece or Platinum. 
Of course there are many many other sources of inspiration. See below a beautiful Aquamarine ring inspired by another clients' mother. This lady remembers her mother wearing an Aquamarine and diamond ring purchased by her father, and as she was unable to have the actual ring itself, she was inspired to have a ring made in the exact form that she remembers.
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sheila Fleet, our esteemed friend and colleague from Orkney in Scotland, is very talented at using the natural and extremely beautiful surroundings of her homeland be the inspiration for her collections. Her 'Pentland' collection is named after the notorious stretch of water separating the Orkney Islands from the British mainland.  The water surges through this narrow strait between the Atlantic and North Sea creating bombastic waves; Sheila wanted to capture the drama and movement of these waves - the constant rolling motion of some of the strongest tides in the world.
Pentland Necklet: £175  Pentland drop earrings: £85
Pentland Bracelet: £195 Pendant Studs: £80


Architecture has been inspiration for some of our commissioned pieces too. Danny once carved the skyline of the Peruvian city of Lima onto a wedding ring after a gentleman decided to be married there. Another lady commissioned her ring to have the actual pattern of the ironwork of her Parisian balcony where she spent a summer perfecting her clarinet skills for an up and coming tour. One of our favourites has to be our recent Art Deco inspired ring, originating from our clients love of the architecture of the time. 



Above: Hand carved in Platinum and set with fine diamonds and Burmese Rubies. 
What will be the inspiration for your next piece of jewellery? 




Romantic Pink Diamonds April 12 2017

We love natural coloured diamonds here at Carolyn Codd's and Rose  Pink diamonds are one of our favourites. Subtle, delicate and feminine these Rosy hues are not only beautiful but timeless
Pink is one of the least common colours for diamonds. Formed under intense pressure and extreme temperatures beneath the earth's surface, the colouration of these gorgeous diamonds is actually caused by structural distortions to the diamonds crystal lattice. 
The natural pink diamonds can also present many variations of secondary colours like brown, orange or even purple. The natural pink diamonds with the secondary colour of brown seem "warmer" and rosier. A perfect tone for a romantic touch to an Engagement Ring
As there are many variations of different natural pinks, we do offer the opportunity to view a selection of stones during the design process. We do, however, have three unique beautiful rings in our window, designed and handmade in our Nottingham workshop that we would love for you to come and take a look at.
Can we tempt you? 


Autumn has arrived... October 08 2016

It's been a very exciting time...

After visiting a trade show in Munich in the Spring, Danny and myself have now found an excellent merchant for high quality Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.  Available in stunning Oranges, Olive Greens, Rosey Pinks, Sunny Yellows and many more variations in colour these Natural Diamonds have inspired a new fantastic and truly original collection of pieces. 

A recent bespoke commission using a beautiful collection of round Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.
It is truly amazing the colours, quality and assortment of shapes and sizes we can now source.

Work is still in progress with more pieces being created as I type, but of course our bespoke commissions do take priority. I hope to have more pieces very soon...  Of course the coloured diamonds are available to view loose in store... Curious?? Come and see!

Kind regards,

Art Deco Inspired Burmese Ruby and Fine Diamond Eternity Ring August 16 2016

Inspired by the architecture of the 1920's, this very special ring was commissioned to celebrate a 40th Wedding Anniversary.


The pattern does not repeat therefore it looks like a completely different ring at different points.
Hand carved and hand engraved, this bespoke ring is truly original. The symbolic Burmese Rubies and Fine Diamonds add a little colour and sparkle.

Our Unique Engagement Rings June 02 2016

Here at Carolyn we are proud to host a brilliant selection of Fine Engagement Rings. We have beautiful Sapphire Engagement Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings and even Ruby Engagement Rings but what really makes our day is when ladies and gents have inspiring and original ideas of their own.
As we can source a vast number of Fine Diamonds, Natural Coloured Diamonds, Sapphires, Opals, Rubies and many more precious stones, our customers are often spoilt for choice during the design stages.
Diamonds are the most popular precious stone choice for Engagement Rings and we love to teach our customers about how to choose the right Diamond for them. We often have a good selection of loose diamonds in store but if our customers are after a particular cut, carat weight and/or colour we usually have a selection of 6/10 stones sent to us direct from our reputable diamond merchants. 
GIA Certificated Pear shape Diamond Engagement Ring; Made in Nottingham
Here is one example of an Engagement Ring made to order after our customer chose the beautiful pear shape Diamond after an in depth "lesson" from one of our diamond experts. He knew his partner wanted a pear shape diamond and he wanted to give her something a little "different". He also wanted to see photos of the ring coming together. 
Bespoke Platinum Tension Set Engagement Ring with Fine Diamond chosen by our customer. This was then flown to Abu Dhabi where the surprise proposal took place.


Sapphires are probably the next in line in popularity to Diamonds, mainly due to the hardness and durability of the crystal, but Sapphires are a real favourite at Carolyn Codd's because or the beautiful colours available. 
Many people believe that Sapphires are just dark blue but Sapphires are available in White, Black and every colour in between. Ruby is actually the same crystal as Sapphire, but is known as Ruby when it displays Red. 
Beautiful Blush Pink Sapphire with three fine round white diamonds on either side - Feminine but not too "girly"; exactly what this customer wanted.
Gorgeous Purply Pink Sapphire with grain set fine diamonds and romantic rose gold. 
Platinum and Fine Diamond Engagement ring with a "pop" of vivid pink sapphires. 


Royal Blue Sapphires surround this Stunning Princess Cut Diamond, with a "before and after" montage for the customer. 
We always try to encourage our customers to be creative with their ideas and we try to put their personality into the pieces but we do always recommend pieces to be not only beautiful and a joy to wear but practical. Opals are a wonderful stones, full of colour and are so unique but need care when wearing.  

Opal and Fine Diamond Engagement Ring
This beautiful vintage inspired Engagement Ring was commissioned by a gentleman who knew his lovely lady adored opals. With a handmade collet setting, we made sure that the opal would be safe be everyday wear.


We hope you've enjoyed reading our little blog, we'll see you next time!


May Bluebells - #bluebellwatch May 04 2016

There is something truly magical about this time of year; beautiful vivid colours seem to be springing up from everywhere but my favourite Spring bloom is the Bluebell. Associated with fairies in folklore tales and usually found in the oldest woodlands, the Bluebell is a real springtime treat to experience.
Inspired by the beautiful springtime bluebells, the Sterling Silver and Bluebell Enamel collection by Sheila Fleet is a firm favourite here at Carolyn Codd's. With a touch of Art Nouveau styling, Sheila has captured the delicate nature of the flower and added a little feminine flair.


Bluebell - Silver and Enamel Pendant
Bluebell - Silver and Enamel Ring


Bluebell - Silver and Enamel Stud Earrings


Handmade and crafted in the Orkney Islands, each Bluebell piece is totally unique and is available in Blue, Pink or White.

Bluebell - Silver and Enamel Pendant

Bluebell - Silver and Enamel Pendant
 *For White and Pink bells please call us 0115 985 9856 or pop into store to order. 

American Express Small Business Saturday at Carolyn Codd December 05 2015

American Express - "Shop Small" Saturday
We are delighted to celebrating 'Shop Small Saturday' with American Express today - December 5th 2015.

We have a number of new collections to show you this December: One that we are particularly excited about is our new "Woodland" Inspired collection in Sterling Silver featuring Squirrels, Acorns and Rabbits. We also are delighted to have Sheila Fleet's new beautifully colourful "Bluebell" Silver and Enamel collection.

As for our Precious collection we have some very special Tanzanite and Emerald pieces, Precious Handmade Snowflake pendants in 18ct White Gold and some very beautiful Fine Cultured Akoya pearls.

We are offering a glass of bubbly, complimentary Luxury Christmas Gift wrapping and if you pay with your Amex card you will receive £5 back, from American Express.

We look forward to seeing you!

Wedding rings made truly unique... September 11 2015

At Carolyn Codd Jewellery we love making wedding rings that are designed just for the couple having them.
Whether a couple decide to have a complimenting set or have each ring designed to each individual; at Carolyn Codd wedding rings are made to reflect the unique personalities and style of our customers rather than the trends of the time.

Because we make all our of precious jewellery on site, couples can really be in control of how their wedding rings will be made and at an excellent price.  Fitted wedding rings are one of our specialities. Each of our fitted wedding rings is made to fit the actual engagement ring.

We look forward to inspiring many more brides and grooms and creating unique and beautiful wedding rings just for them!

Lacework Inspiration... September 05 2015

Delicate, Beautiful and Feminine... Three very good reasons to use Lace as design inspiration for jewellery...
Inspired by a collection of Antique lace discovered in an attic (of all places!?), this new collection of Sterling Silver jewellery adds instant Romance to any outfit.
Sterling Silver Lace and Pearl Earrings: £90
Sterling Silver Lace Cuff: £395
Sterling Silver Large Lace Pendant: £135
Of course, Lace has been very popular for Wedding dresses. Bridal lace has for many centuries been used in Wedding Dresses for its feminine and embellishing charms. 
When Danny was asked to copy the lace detail of a brides dress and hand engrave it on both wedding rings who would have thought it would look so stunning! And the best part of all is that this detail is a permanent memento of their wonderful wedding day that will be enjoyed everyday.
Bespoke hand engraved  Wedding rings in 18ct Gold with Fine Rubies

A dream come true... Literally! May 05 2015

This particular lady did have sleepless nights as different design ideas came to her in her dreams... After choosing a beautiful GIA Certified Princess Cut diamond from a selection provided Carolyn painted the design to her exact requirements... And work began...
The separate design features were individually hand made in Platinum...

Once the components were put together, the settings for the diamonds were cut out...


Then the outer diamonds were grain-set...

Once the Princess Cut was set and the mill grain detail was hand carved to give the true vintage look...



'I honestly can't find words to express how incredible the service is at Carolyn Codd. The bespoke engagement ring they made for me is absolutely beautiful! Rhianna and the whole team were so patient with me even though I changed my mind almost every week of the design process. We will never buy jewellery anywhere else again. The experience has been perfect from start to finish! Thank you so much x'



One Ring's Journey April 11 2015

This ring is one of Danny's dream come true.... Art Deco is one of his absolute favourite era's of design and he loves single cut Rubies... 

After a consultation Carolyn did what she does brilliantly and hand painted the design. This technique is one of the oldest ways to develop a design and it still by far the best.
The design was simple and elegant and made the most of the stunning Ruby...


Once the metal work was put together then the tricky and very difficult task of setting the ruby could begin...
And Voila! 


Every piece we make at Carolyn Codd goes through this design and making process in our Nottingham workshop. Please see our Bespoke Gallery for other pieces we have made.

Spring Forward... March 25 2015

Don't you just love this time of year? The weather is finally improving and the first signs of Spring have started to show.  Our friend and supplier Sheila Fleet has captured this season beautifully with her Sterling Silver and Enamel collection 'Snowdrop'...
Snowdrop Pendant £95
Snowdrop Earrings £75
Snowdrop Ring £110
Handmade in the beautiful Orkney Islands this beautiful collection is now available both in store and online at Carolyn Codd Jewellery.
Another fantastic floral collection that Sheila has created and is new to Carolyn Codd is the "Daises for Emily".  We are delighted to be stocking this collection which was designed to help former employee Emily fight against a very rare form of Cancer. Proceeds from each piece sold goes to the Orkney Charitable Trust.
Daisy Necklet £210
Daisy Stud Earrings £70
Daisy Ring £95
We hope you'll come a visit us in Nottingham and peruse over this wonderful and lovingly handmade jewellery by Sheila Fleet and her team in Scotland.

Oh happy day! January 04 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to the first blog by Rhianna at Carolyn Codd Jewellery!
As most of my lovely customers know I have recently just got married and I thought it would be a fitting subject for my first post... Firstly thank you for the cards and well wishes... Our day was absolutely perfect; below is a photo from our reception's photo booth (great fun and highly recommended!!!)


Of course many of our clients that come to us are also embarking on married life and recently we've had some lovely couple email us with their "ring shots" and other gorgeous photo's of their special days...

To have these beautiful images sent to us really brings home to us that not only do we make jewellery to the best of our ability and love doing that but we become part of something really special... Our customers lives.


 To think that they wear jewellery that is handcrafted here in our Nottingham workshop for the rest of their married lives is wonderful. My Dad often says this and today I've realised that it is true: We simply have the best jobs in the world.  


Special thanks to Mrs and Mrs Owen and Mr and Mrs Parkin for sharing their beautiful photo's. I look forward to receiving more of these photo's throughout my time at Carolyn Codd Jewellery from future clients. Words cannot describe the warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I open emails containing these beautiful pictures!!!