A Day in the Life of Danny - Our Work Shop Manager and Head Maker

"Every day is different as no two jobs are the ever the same...

Recently a lady came in with a stunning AAA Grade Tanzanite. She had it wrapped in a piece of cotton and said that her brother had given it to her some years ago and she wasn't sure what to do with it. I was extremely excited as this stone was not only very special and high quality but also incredibly rare. I had plenty of ideas so Carolyn and I set to work. There was so much you could do with this beautiful Tanzanite...

"The lady wanted a piece that could be worn everyday and preferred a white metal and so chose Platinum for both durability and the high polished white finish. Platinum is far superior than any other metal and the particular alloy we use is incredibly tough. The pendant and the strong Platinum Spiga chain will truly stand the test of time and will be most suited to everyday wear.

The cut of the Tanzanite was a trillion shape but it was decided that the design was not to enhance the triangular aspect of the cut, but to add smooth sculpted lines and a touch of femininity. Fine diamonds added just the right contrast to the deep violet and blue hues present in the stone.  

Setting any Tanzanite takes the up most concentration. This stone was particularly challenging due to the shape and it did present quite a thin girdle; not exactly ideal with a delicate Tanzanite.  The setting for this piece was specifically designed not only to make the most out of this stunning Tanzanite, but to keep it safe and secure while wearing. By unifying the latest laser technology with other making techniques and tooling used for centuries enables us to make some of the most wonderful and technically difficult pieces.


Making this pendant was a joy to do, even at it's most challenging stages. At the end of  the day I can honestly say that myself and our team at Carolyn Codd Jewellery love what we do.

A piece isn't truly finished until it is being worn by the person it was designed for. When the lady came to pick up her piece it was the absolute finishing touch. I know I say this many, many times but it really is the best job in the world!"