The importance of Cut and Triple Excellent Cut Diamonds

Cut is the most important factor in selecting diamonds at Carolyn Codd's and we have found that it is the least understood as it is so so complex and technically difficult to analyse. Truly excellently cut diamonds are cut with high precision and exceptional craftsmanship and are not only valuable and truly beautiful but extremely rare.

Not to be confused with shape (heart, oval, round, pear, etc), a diamonds cut grade is in essence an evaluation of how well the facets and proportions of the diamond returns light to the observer. But of course it doesn't stop there. Light return is one huge factor but there is also Fire and Brilliance to consider and that you cannot fully appreciate from reading a diamond report (or "certificate") alone.

Triple Excellent Diamonds

"Triple Excellent" refers to the modern round brilliant shape. Here the cut grade is evaluated in three areas: Overall cut grade, symmetry and polish.
There are, in truth, many modern round brilliant diamonds that are graded Triple Excellent by the GIA but why do some shine brighter than others? 
We have found throughout the years of examining diamonds ourselves that Triple Excellent diamonds do vary massively and the only way you can truly ensure that the diamond you are looking at is truly excellent is by directly comparing them in person.
To find out more please book an appointment with our diamond experts who offer a free, no obligation talk on diamonds where you can learn more about the intrinsic details of diamond cutting and its effect on the level of light return, fire and scintillation. We will also be able to provide a range of GIA Triple Excellent Diamonds and you will be able to see the differences for yourself.
Rhianna Holland