Inspiration - what inspires you?

At Carolyn Codd we are see many many sources of inspiration. One of our favourite commissions was inspired by one of our clients love of Peacock colours and if you happen upon our workshop and boutique store in Nottingham you will have seen the above design on our A-board. This ring was hand carved out of a single piece of Platinum. Each setting was precisely measured for each one of the fine Opals, Sapphires, Diamonds, Amethysts, Emeralds and Topaz's selected for the perfect colour way that the lady was after.

This ring was the start of our "Peacock rings"; our signature 'Sui Generis' design taken another step and each piece created uniquely for each individual client. See above for a ring that was to be an "explosion of colour". All natural fine sapphires were selected and again this ring was hand carved out of a single piece or Platinum. 
Of course there are many many other sources of inspiration. See below a beautiful Aquamarine ring inspired by another clients' mother. This lady remembers her mother wearing an Aquamarine and diamond ring purchased by her father, and as she was unable to have the actual ring itself, she was inspired to have a ring made in the exact form that she remembers.
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sheila Fleet, our esteemed friend and colleague from Orkney in Scotland, is very talented at using the natural and extremely beautiful surroundings of her homeland be the inspiration for her collections. Her 'Pentland' collection is named after the notorious stretch of water separating the Orkney Islands from the British mainland.  The water surges through this narrow strait between the Atlantic and North Sea creating bombastic waves; Sheila wanted to capture the drama and movement of these waves - the constant rolling motion of some of the strongest tides in the world.
Pentland Necklet: £175  Pentland drop earrings: £85
Pentland Bracelet: £195 Pendant Studs: £80


Architecture has been inspiration for some of our commissioned pieces too. Danny once carved the skyline of the Peruvian city of Lima onto a wedding ring after a gentleman decided to be married there. Another lady commissioned her ring to have the actual pattern of the ironwork of her Parisian balcony where she spent a summer perfecting her clarinet skills for an up and coming tour. One of our favourites has to be our recent Art Deco inspired ring, originating from our clients love of the architecture of the time. 



Above: Hand carved in Platinum and set with fine diamonds and Burmese Rubies. 
What will be the inspiration for your next piece of jewellery?