Romantic Pink Diamonds

We love natural coloured diamonds here at Carolyn Codd's and Rose  Pink diamonds are one of our favourites. Subtle, delicate and feminine these Rosy hues are not only beautiful but timeless
Pink is one of the least common colours for diamonds. Formed under intense pressure and extreme temperatures beneath the earth's surface, the colouration of these gorgeous diamonds is actually caused by structural distortions to the diamonds crystal lattice. 
The natural pink diamonds can also present many variations of secondary colours like brown, orange or even purple. The natural pink diamonds with the secondary colour of brown seem "warmer" and rosier. A perfect tone for a romantic touch to an Engagement Ring
As there are many variations of different natural pinks, we do offer the opportunity to view a selection of stones during the design process. We do, however, have three unique beautiful rings in our window, designed and handmade in our Nottingham workshop that we would love for you to come and take a look at.
Can we tempt you?